We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a path-breaking Brand to change the water heating industry.

As a leading service provider based in Madhya Pradesh, we boast of an extensive range of solar water heaters . For the last 14 years , Aditya Urja is continuously working in sales and service support of solar water heaters.

Dorsun is a brand introduced by Aditya Urja with breakthrough innovation, quality water heating solutions and complete customer satisfaction across all sectors ranging from domestic to commercial to industrial.

To further answer our customers’ needs, we craft our water heaters in various storage capacities, features and sizes to bring you the best bathing solutions.

We believe in Serving Solar geysers which are not harmful to the environment. Solar Water Heater helps in cutting down the electricity bills of the consumer and energy preservation as well.

Additionally, we offer the best solar water heaters in India that is a reflection of our commitment towards a greener planet.

Aditya Urja has launched the brand named Dorsun keeping in mind the customers who face delay in solar service issues.

We have dedicatedly launched and Application for raising a request for service of any type of solar water heater in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

We have placed energy efficiency at the heart of our sustainable growth strategy and we are deeply committed to energy conservation.

Dorsun applies the WCM method at its plants to constantly improve manufacturing productivity as well as ensure product quality.